Olathe Alert

Olathe Public Schools parents and patrons are invited to sign up for Olathe Alert and get important information about our schools sent as text messages directly to mobile phones, wireless PDAs or pagers. Information can also be sent to email accounts.

Emergency information, school closings and administrative reminders (upcoming districtwide events or breaks) are among the types of information available through this free service.

NOTE: Because of the potentially high volume of traffic generated by this service on inclement weather days, patrons are encouraged to check other sources such as television or radio to verify whether school will be closed.

Please complete the following information and select the school(s) you wish to receive information from throughout the year.

  • If your child moves to another school in the district or your email address/ cell phone number change, scroll to the bottom of the sign-up page and choose the Unsubscribe/Change Message Preferences option.
  • If your mobile phone carrier changes, you will need to unsubscribe from the system and resubscribe with the updated information.

NOTE: This is a SPAM-free service provided for patrons of the Olathe Public Schools. Names and contact information are protected and will remain private. Some wireless providers may charge a fee for receiving text messages. Patrons may unsubscribe or change their message preferences at any time.

If you have technical issues with Olathe Alert, please notify support@textcaster.com.