Seniors Serving Schools

The idea of having senior adults volunteer their time in the Olathe Public Schools was first discussed in spring 1992. The first volunteers of Seniors Serving Schools were retired school teachers. With district administrative support and a handful of volunteers, the program was launched in January 1993. Hundreds of senior volunteers have given their time, talent and energy to help students of all ages.

collage of photos

The Mission Trail Middle School Vocal Impact group performed at
the 2014 bash. Script Pals read aloud from letters they wrote
  earlier in the year. Two volunteers enjoyed the chance
to catch up with each other before the bash.


Highlights of the program include:

  • Volunteers contributed more than 14,700 hours of their time to our schools in 2013-14.
  • Approximately 250 senior adults participate in Seniors Serving Schools and the Rotary Reader program.
  • About 40 volunteers received the Presidential Service Award for volunteering between 100 and 500 hours during the 2012-13 school year.
  • A pen pal program called Script Pals pairs senior volunteers with elementary students.
  • Dick Hitt, a senior volunteer, was named "Senior Volunteer of the Year for 2002" by the Volunteer Center of Johnson County.
  • The Confidence in Kansas Public Education Task Force presented the group with a Certificate of Merit in the Friends of Education Awards for 2001.
  • The Rotary Readers program received a Daily Point of Light award from the Points of Light Foundation, Volunteer Center National Network, Knights of Columbus and the Corporation for National Service.
  • The Seniors Serving Schools program received the 1999 Olathe Community Pride Award from the City of Olathe. The award recognizes individuals, businesses and organizations that enhance the image of Olathe.
  • Living history volunteers make school presentations on history, psychology and their own experiences relating to significant periods of American history.
  • Classroom volunteers assist with one-on-one tutoring, storytelling, field trips, and specialty classes including French, music, and art.
  • The Rotary Readers program and involves about 20 Olathe Rotary Club members reading to small groups of elementary students.
  • Volunteers may contact the Seniors Serving Schools program at (913) 780-7002, North Lindenwood Support Center, 315 N. Lindenwood, Olathe, Kan. 66062. You may also email coordinators Diane Pollitt and Susie Kaminski at or An online volunteer application is required. (Note: The online application is available through our software provider.)