Library Services

No longer just rooms full of books staffed by librarians armed with date stamps and continuous pleas for silence, our library media centers feature cutting-edge technology, quality collections and library media specialists who foster supportive learning environments.

Learning opportunities abound in our K-12 library information skills curriculum. Four goal areas provide the framework for all learner outcomes that are part of our curriculum:

  1. Orientation to information resources — Students demonstrate ethical use of information systems and display respect for materials and other users as reflective, creative, and critical members of learning communities.
  2. Literature appreciation — Students will select and read a variety of literature for personal enjoyment and the acquisition of new information.
  3. Access and retrieval of information — Students will develop and use successful strategies for locating and evaluating material from a variety of informational sources
  4. Application / production — Students will synthesize data for practical application and communicate ideas and information in appropriate formats.

The district's library media program has a website at where you can find the curriculum, names of the school library media specialists and other important information.