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Activities and Athletics

A variety of opportunities are available for students with specific information available on each school's website or on the Opportunities to Play Sports page on this website.


Legal Residence

The residence of all students is defined as the legal residence of the parent, legal guardian, or person acting in the capacity of a parent where the student resides the majority of the time. In situations involving shared custody the legal residence will be the residence of the primary custodial parent. Call (913) 780-7000 with questions regarding residency.

Maps and Online Information

Boundary maps are published annually and available at the District Education Center, 14160 Black Bob Road, (913) 780-7000, and on the district website ( Anyone having a question about the assignment of a particular area should call the Manager of Planning (913-780-7011).

The district also provides, through a collaborative effort with Johnson County, an interactive map. Patrons can enter their home address to view their elementary, middle school and high school attendance boundaries. (School Locator)

Moving out of the district

Pupils who move from the district during the school year are considered non-resident and must apply for permission to finish the school year. Board of Education policy does allow students in grades 11 and 12 to complete their high school years at the high school facility they are currently attending.

School Attendance Areas

The Board of Education has established attendance boundaries for each elementary, middle school and high school. An attempt is made to adjust boundaries in order to provide the best pupil-teacher ratio and to make optimum use of district school facilities.


Students residing within the attendance area of a school shall attend that school. However, a student may be permitted to transfer outside of his or her attendance area only for exceptional circumstances and highly justifiable reasons.

Applications for transfer can be obtained from your home school and submitted to the principal of the sending school for consideration and recommendation. No school district transportation will be provided.

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Bus Transportation

  • By Kansas law, bus service is provided at no cost for students living 2.5 miles or more from their school. Bus service may be available for parents who wish to pay for children living less than 2.5 miles from school. Service is provided on a space-available, first-come, first-serve basis.
  • ALL students must register with First Student Inc. in order to receive bus services.
  • Students are to ride the bus which he/she has been assigned. Students will only be allowed off the bus at their assigned bus stop. Door-to-door service will not be provided. Students will be required to walk to designated bus stops which are primarily located near corners centrally located within neighborhoods.
  • All students riding the bus must comply with the requests of the driver, and the Student Code of Conduct will apply at all times. School transportation is a privilege that may be withdrawn for inappropriate behavior.
  • Parents may sign up for First Student Bus Alerts to receive information about bus delays and other important information via text messages. Parents must pre-enroll after Aug. 1 each year and after any student bus route change.
  • For more information on bus registration, pay-ride services, First Student Bus Alerts and more, log visit 
  • Bus service is provided by First Student. Call First Student at (913) 782-1050 for more information.


The district calendar (PDF) is available online and provided during enrollment.

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Cancellation of School

If school is cancelled due to snow or bad weather, the information will be available in these ways:

  • Local television and radio stations
  • Olathe Alert (sign up via the district or school website)
  • District Website —
  • Facebook — go to "Olathe District Schools"
  • Channel 18 (Comcast and Time Warner)

If Bad Weather Occurs During the School Day

If school is in session, regular dismissal time will be observed rather than dismissing school early. We must be mindful of such safety issues as transportation, particularly for those students who normally ride the bus or are driven to and from school; lack of supervision at home because of an unscheduled dismissal; and the uncertainty of sending children away from a protected school environment and out into hazardous weather conditions.

Sign Up for Olathe Alert!

Parents and patrons are invited to sign up for Olathe Alert to get important information about our schools sent as text messages or email. Emergency information, school closings and administrative reminders (upcoming district-wide events or breaks) are among the types of information available through this free service. To sign up, look for the Olathe Alert button on the district or your school website.

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Directory Information

Release of Student Records

The following information is designated as directory information by the school district:

  • name
  • address
  • telephone listing
  • email address
  • date and place of birth
  • major field of study
  • participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  • weight and height of members of athletic teams
  • dates of attendance
  • degrees and awards received
  • most recent previous educational agency or institution attended by the student.

Directory information may be released without prior parental consent unless a parent elects to opt out (see below).

Opt-Out of Directory Information

If a parent believes that any or all student directory information (listed in section above) should not be released without prior consent, please notify your school principal within 10 days of the beginning of the school year or within 10 days of enrollment. Notification will be given whenever educational records are transferred to another educational institution or released by court order. A copy of the records transferred or released may be requested at a charge of the school's cost.

Opt-Out of Other Student Information, Photos

Parents must also notify the school office if they elect to opt out of the following categories: photo/video release, military recruitment (juniors/seniors), and public display of student work. Parents with questions related to opting out or wishing to opt out of any of these categories should contact the school principal within 10 days of the beginning of the school year or within 10 days of enrollment.

The school principal or designee will keep a list of all outside persons or agencies that have accessed a student's records and the reason for access. When a student becomes 18 years of age or is attending a post-secondary institution, all rights accorded to parents will be accorded to the student.

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Educational Program

Types of educational programming

  • Early Childhood programs for at-risk students and students with special needs
  • Elementary: Kindergarten-Grade 5
  • Middle School: Grades 6-8
  • High School: Grades 9-12

A Board of Education-adopted curriculum guides instruction throughout the district at every grade level and in every course. A variety of instructional strategies and materials is used to help students learn. The district website provides more information on our exciting educational program offered to students.

The student educational program is enhanced and supported through a variety of student services, including special education services, the school's guidance and counseling program, and summer school at all levels.

Emergency Information / Address and Phone Changes

Please notify the school office immediately of address and telephone changes. This is important for the school to handle emergencies, maintain communication, and keep student records current. It is extremely important that every child maintain an up-to-date address and telephone number record at the school office.

Emergency numbers (adults who pick up a child in case of a parent's absence) are also important. We will contact the parent or designated adult in cases of serious illness or other emergencies.

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Only students residing in the Olathe School District are eligible for enrollment.

Age Requirements

The requirement for a child's first enrollment in a Kansas school is governed by state law and the school district cannot exercise any deviations from the law. In essence the law provides:

  • A child must be 5 years of age on or before August 31 of the current year to enter kindergarten.
  • A child must be 6 years of age on or before August 31 of the current year to enter the first grade.

Entrance Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Whenever a child is enrolled in an Olathe district school for the first time, the parent/guardian is required to provide proof of the child's identity. "Proof of Identity" is defined differently for different grade levels.

A child enrolling in kindergarten or first grade:

  • A certified copy of the birth certificate of the child, or
  • As an alternative for the child in the custody of the Secretary of Social and Rehabilitation Services, a certified copy of the court order placing the child in the custody of the secretary.
  • In the absence of a certified copy of birth certificate for the child in kindergarten or first grade, any document which reasonably tends to establish the age of the child will be accepted as temporary proof of identity.

A student enrolling in Grades 2-12:

  • A certified copy of birth certificate of child, or
  • A certified transcript of school records, or
  • Actual school records from sending school, or
  • A hospital birth certificate.

NOTE: If proof of identity is not presented to the school district within 30 days after enrollment, written notice will be given immediately to a law enforcement agency having jurisdiction within the home county of the school. Upon receipt of the written notice, the law enforcement agency shall conduct an investigation to determine the identity of the child.

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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords parents and students over 18 years of age certain rights with respect to the student's education records.

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Health Services

The district's health policies and procedures have been developed with a focus on safety. We also believe that health and education go hand-in hand. At each school, Registered Professional Nurses promote health and safety through the following activities:

  • Identifying health needs/coordinating care;
  • Implementing communicable disease control;
  • Caring for ill or injured, which may include calling 911;
  • Performing nursing procedures, including medication administration, catheterization, gastronomy feeding, and tracheostomy care;
  • Conducting health screenings – vision (grades PK, K, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11 and new-to-Olathe students), hearing (grades PK-2, 5, 8, 11 and new-to-Olathe students), and height/weight screening in cooperation with physical education teachers;
  • Serving as a liaison between the home, school and community.

Parental cooperation, working with the school to foster good health, is needed in order to provide these services. Specifically, parents should:

  • Keep students home when ill until symptom-free for 24 hours or until the period of communicability has passed.
  • Send students to school ready to participate in physical education class and recess. Note: the school nurse may authorize keeping a student inside and/or excused from physical education class for up to two days when the student's physical condition appears to warrant this action. Additional consecutive days require a physician or dentist note.
  • Abide by medical procedures, realizing that unnecessary medication administration at school is strongly discouraged due to potential side effects and safety concerns.

Medication Policy for Elementary Students:

  • All student medications, including over-the-counter, must be administered through the health room under the supervision of the school nurse and are to be sent to school in the original container labeled with the student's name.
  • All medications require a doctor's note and parent's authorization.
  • Two exceptions exist to the above policy:
    • Health room stock of acetaminophen, ibuprofen and diphenhydramine (Benadryl) may be sparingly administered by the school nurse upon annual parent written authorization.
    • Students in kindergarten through fifth grade with asthma or allergies may carry and self-administer emergency medication. The self-administration policy requires written parent and physician signature specifying name and purpose of medication, prescribed dosage, conditions under which the medication is to be self-administered and verification that the student has been instructed in self-administration, etc.

Middle School and High School Medication Policy:

The middle school and high school medication policy varies slightly from the elementary school policy and encourages increased responsibility.

  1. All prescribed medications should be brought to the school nurse's attention.
  2. Many medications prescribed for attention deficit disorder and emotional problems, including depression, are controlled substances. Controlled substances require a doctor's note and parent's authorization and must be dispensed from the health room under the supervision of the school nurse.
  3. Students in sixth through 12th grades with diagnosis of asthma or severe allergies may carry and self-administer emergency medication. Kansas law states that this self-administration policy require written parent and physician signature specifying the name and purpose of medication, prescribed dosage, conditions under which the medication is to be self-administered and verification that the student has been instructed in self-administration, etc.
  4. Antibiotics and other non-controlled prescription medications can be carried and self-administered by the student at the nurse's discretion. Medication must be in the original prescription bottle.
  5. Over-the-counter medications (Tylenol, ibuprofen, cough drops, etc.) may be carried and self-administered by students without written parent and/or physician signature. A limited supply of over-the-counter medications is available from the health room upon parent permission.
  6. In addition, these general rules apply:
  • All medication is to be carried in its original container.
  • At no time should a student give medication to another student.
  • The principal may revoke the self-medication privilege of any student found to be in violation of the policy.

Wellness Policy

The Olathe School District has developed a Wellness Policy to promoted healthy nutrition and physical activity choices for students, families and staff. Information about the Wellness Policy is available on the district website, or you may request a copy by contacting the District Education Center, 780-7000.

Other Student Health Information

Additional information regarding health policies including access to forms (e.g. medication forms) can be found on the district website. Click on Students and Families, then Health Services, then Health Information.

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Safe Schools

Positive and Safe Learning Environment

Providing a positive and safe learning environment for all is important to the Olathe Public Schools. The district promotes positive expectations and provides positive supports for students through school experiences that promote character and leadership. Well-researched procedures, programs and protocols are in place to help maintain a safe and positive atmosphere for all students.

Code of Student Conduct

The Olathe Public Schools believes in a positive approach to discipline based on clear expectations and appropriate consequences.

The Code of Student Conduct (PDF) defines a clear standard of behavior essential to an effective school. This code is reviewed annually and adopted by the Board of Education. It outlines expectations of student behavior and consequences for violations of the code.

The booklet is made available annually to each student and family. The Code of Student Conduct contains information about the weapons policy, as well as information regarding the Kansas School Safety and Security Act, policies related to bullying, and the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.

Building Crisis Management Plans

Each facility in the district has developed a Building Crisis Management Plan with instructions for students and staff to react safely to adverse situations. The purpose of this plan is to minimize injuries to students and staff and damage to school facilities. The safety of each child is one of our major concerns. The cooperation of the home is needed to build good safety habits. Urge your child to:

  • Walk on the sidewalk or shoulder of the road
  • Cross only when traffic is clear
  • Refuse to enter strange automobiles
  • Go directly to school or home before beginning to play
  • Be considerate of and helpful to smaller children
  • Always pass in front of the school bus after exiting from it
  • Refrain from arriving at school too far in advance of the opening of school
  • Communicate safety concerns to adults

Safety Preparedness

A variety of safety drills are conducted regularly in our schools. The purpose of these exercises is to give students and staff the knowledge and confidence to be prepared in the event an emergency occurs. These processes and practices are important components of our safe and prepared schools emphasis.

Safety Hotlines

Collaborative and cooperative procedures have been developed with the Olathe Police Department and other law enforcement agencies to support safe schools, including reporting all crimes on school property. Please report any concerns or rumors to your school administration or to the school resource officer. ANONYMOUS TIP HOTLINE: (913) 780-7777.

In addition, the Kansas State Department of Education, in cooperation with the Kansas Highway Patrol, has established a school safety hotline: 1-877-626-8203. This is a toll-free number available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, for students, parents, and community members.

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Student Insurance

Olathe Public Schools provides student injury or accident insurance for all students in the district. This coverage is secondary to the parents' health insurance and applies to incidents arising while participating in a school-sponsored and school-supervised activity/event, or while traveling directly to or from a residence to school (except traveling by two- or three-wheel motor vehicle) within policy limits. Accident claim forms are available in each school office.

Textbooks and Library Books

Textbooks and library books are loaned to students for their use during the school year. Books are to be kept clean and handled carefully. A fee will be charged for lost or abused books.


School volunteers are encouraged. Please see the school office for the required application.

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