Donations Top Expectations in Pennies for Shoes Campaign

Jan. 16, 2013 ~ This year's Pennies for Shoes campaign, the district's effort to benefit the Children's Shoe Fund, raised more than $19,000 and greatly exceeded expectations. The goal had been to raise $15,000 for this fund which is part of the Olathe Mayor's Christmas Tree Fund.

At an average cost of $20 per pair of shoes, the contributions from staff and students will provide 950 pairs for children in need. A variety of events and activities were held across the district to raise awareness of the Pennies for Shoes campaign.

Millcreek Center put a new twist on their Pennies for Shoes campaign this year; they held an auction of some school-logoed items that will be collector's items when the school moves to its new building next fall. Other popular auction items were donated tools and cards entitling the winning bidder to have a free lab day, be free from the responsibility of clean up at the end of class, or be treated to lunch by the principal.

Walnut Grove Elementary first-grade teacher Sarahann Brown purchased rolls of pennies from school business partner Bank Midwest. Each of her students was able to add at least one roll of pennies to the jug. The drive kicked off with a student "principal of the day" going to each classroom and challenging students to fill the jug. "As the jug grew heavier, we challenged the students to bring so much money that even Mr. Zach, our custodian, wouldn't be able to lift it," Principal Lynne Ann Borchers said.

The thought of their teachers' faces covered with pie was enough to spur Meadow Lane Elementary students to soar above the goal their principal set.

"We promised the students a pie eating contest if they met the goal of $500," Principal Brian Lowe said. "We kept our promise because the total raised was $672.48. The students were very excited about watching select staff eat the pies."

California Trail Middle School raised $3,038.16 by challenging Bulldog Time classes to donate more than last year. The class with the largest donation each week received time in the multi-purpose room. The class with the largest donation overall received pizza and cookies. A handful of classes raised more than $200 each and were rewarded with cookies. Administrative secretary Penny Gfeller said staff donated about $200 for the privilege of wearing jeans the last three days before semester break.

Walnut Grove Elementary first-graders added rolls of pennies to a big jug in the school lobby. The goal was to fill the jug and make it so heavy that the custodian wouldn’t be able to lift it, the principal said. Walnut Grove Pennies for Shoes
Meadow Lane Elementary student government president Logan Evans was the only student selected to participate in the pie eating contest. The special event was a reward for the student body because they surpassed the school’s goal of $500 in contributions. Meadow Lane pie eating contest

Ed Hensley, Automotive Technology instructor at Millcreek Center, served as auctioneer for a number of items that staff and students bid for. Sign language interpreter Stacy Hund (left) works hard to keep up with the quick action. The auction raised more than $500 for Pennies for Shoes.

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Millcreek Center holds an auction